Enshrouded Game Server Hosting now at PlanetNode

Enshrouded Game Server Hosting now at PlanetNode

PlanetNode is happy to announce a new game joining our lineup for game server hosting, Enshrouded! We're thrilled to be back in the game with PlanetNode launching new games. Enshrouded as an early access game looks like it's one of the most promising games for the year (at least, waiting at GTA 6 ;)), and now that the beta is open for the public, it's time to dive in!

Enshrouded reached 1 million players

Are you one of the already one million players, playing enshrouded? With our Enshrouded Server Hosting you can privately play with your friends!

Enshrouded already reached one million players!

What is Enshrouded?

Enshrouded is an exciting survival RPG that welcomes up to 16 players to explore a magical world veiled in The Shroud, a mysterious fog concealing its wonders. Dive into a thrilling adventure with PVE elements like base building, crafting, and survival, all set in a vast open world. As Flameborn heroes, your mission is to navigate the mist, conquer epic bosses, and gather resources for crafting armor, weapons, and your own grand hall.

Check out this Enshrouded gameplay video review for a peek at the game!

Get Enshrouded Servers from PlanetNode

Wondering why you should choose Enshrouded Server Hosting from PlanetNode?

Enshrouded is a resource intensive game and PlanetNode has the latest generation AMD Ryzen servers to fit the needs for hosting Enshrouded. We're also connected to over 600+ networks in order to keep your game latency low and close to home.

Our Enshrouded server hosting is located in the Netherlands, based from 2 locations. Amsterdam and IJsselstein which makes connectivity for the upper half and the lower half of the Netherlands guaranteed.

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