Welcome, Minecraft 1.21: New mobs, blocks and features

Minecraft 1.21 - Tricky Trials Banner
Minecraft 1.21 banner

Minecraft, the popular game among the young and old, has released another new update: Version 1.21 - Tricky Trials. This update is full of new features such as new blocks, new mobs, a new structure and a lot more! In this blog, we discuss the highlights of the update.

New Mobs

The Minecraft 1.21 update brings with it 2 new mobs called "The breeze" and "The Bogged"

The Breeze

The Breeze is a mob that is spawned by trail spawners. When the Breeze wants to attack you, it jumps in the air and hurts you with gusts of wind that can cause you to be knocked backwards. The Breeze can jump up to 15 blocks high and 5 blocks vertically. The Breeze can also be found in nether fortresses!

Photo of the Breeze in the sky
Photo of the Breeze in the sky

The Bogged

The Bogged is a variant of the normal Skeleton. The Bogged can be found swamp biomes and Trial Chamber. The Bogged shoots like a normal skeleton also with arrows, only the Bogged can add a poissenis effect.

Furthermore, they have as many hearts as normal skeletons.

Photo of the Bogged in a swamp biome
Photo of the Bogged in a swamp biome

New structure: Trial Chambers

A new structure has also been introduced in the new 1.21 update: Trial Chambers.

This structure can be found in caves. An easier way to find this structure is to buy a map from a Cartographer Villager, the map will take you exactly to the structure.

In this structure you are going to find mostly copper blocks. You can also find chests and barrels with good loot here.

A photo in the trial chamber
A photo in the trial chamber

New Copper Blocks

The new update includes many new copper blocks such as Exposed, Weathered, Oxidized, Waxed, Waxed Exposed, Waxed Weathered and Waxed Oxidized copper. You also have new doors, stairs, slabs and trapdoors from these.

A photo of several new copper blocks
A photo of several new copper blocks

New melee: The Mace

The Mace is a new melee weapon that can be made by a heavy core and a breeze rod. This weapon does 3 hearts of damage by default. When you do a critical attack the Mace gives an additional 1.5 hearts of damage. Below is the crafting recipe to make the mace in Minecraft 1.21:

Crafting recipe for the Mace
Crafting recipe for the Mace

Other Additions

  • Crafter
  • Trial Spawner
  • Vault
  • Polished Tuff
  • Chiseled Tuff
  • Tuff Bricks
  • Chiseled Tuff Bricks
  • Tuff Wall
  • Tuff Stairs
  • Tuff Slab
  • Polished Tuff Wall
  • Polished Tuff Stairs
  • Polished Tuff Slab
  • Tuff Brick Wall
  • Tuff Brick Stairs
  • Tuff Brick Slab

The general consensus across the industry is that a much beefier server is going to be needed in order to handle the Minecraft 1.21 release. We would recommend using at least a 5GB package.